Wireless solutions for demanding situations

Welcome at Ninthway

R&D company and supplier of state of the art radio network solutions for high end markets like (fire) safety, security, building automation, healthcare and defence. 

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Just a radio link is just not enough

We're at the beginning of a wireless world. In the coming 25 years, all communication will become wireless. To guarantee capacity, reliability and availability, wireless communication systems will become more and more complex, especially in life saving installations.

Wireless communication is to become a specialism. Our specialism. 

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Wireless technology 

for life saving systems

Ninthway has developed a highly reliable and energy efficient transceiver, the Ninthway Transceiver Module (NTM). Due to its high reliability, privacy, large capacity and energy efficiency, the NTM and its network is very suitable for demanding applications like fire alarm systems, nurse call systems, security systems and voice evacuation systems. 

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High Secure Private Radio Infrastructure

One private area network for all professional building installations


  • All wireless, high secure, communication infrastructure
  • Based on non-blockable, spread spectrum (DSSS) technology, a broad band solution
  • Including repeaters for range extension and redundancy
  • Open but private (OEM filter) allows multiple applications in one network
  • High capacity: 4,000 elements per application, 16 applications per network

  • Both data and audio (voice evac)
  • Designed for demanding applications like (fire) alarms and healthcare systems
  • Therefore meets EN 54-25
  • Designed with over 20 years of experience with wireless communication in alarm systems
  • Energy efficient, devices powered for life

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EN54 Cloud Alarm Platform - your virtual CIE

Thousands of alarm systems operated and managed in the cloud

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Ninthway's Personal safety solution: Care Watch

For alone workers, seniors, offshore staff and industrial workers