Wireless solutions for demanding situations

Wireless Audio Platform

  • Wireless Public Announcement Systems
  • Wireless Voice Evacuation Systems

Platform Layout

Platform Elements

Audio Gateway

  • Audio connection between application and network
  • PC connection



  • Relay station - extends range
  • Multi path routing
  • Individual and group addressing of devices in the network
  • EN 54-4 power supply


Nurse Call Audio Station (NCA) 

  • NCB + Audio



  • PC Application for Windows Platform
  • Application Control Software (Nurse Call / Contact Buddy)
  • NTM Configuration
  • Remote Access (IP)

PAVA systems: do it Ninthway

The new EN 54-16 asks for control & indicating equipment (C.I.E.), to control and monitor your voice evacuation system. The requirements are similar to EN 54-2 (C.I.E. fire alarm). So why don't take a fire alarm panel (EN 54-2) for that. If you add Ninthway's wireless audio system to it, a very compact, flexible, low power, voice evacuation system is right at your door step.   

Regular system

  • Complex
  • Bulky
  • High voltages
  • Large wire gauge required
  • Expensive connector technology
  • Necessity to develop EN 54-16 central panel

Ninthway solution

  • Compact
  • Low power
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible
  • Cost efficient
  • Certified C.I.E. readily available in the market
  • Opportunity to enter PAVA market